Products will be shipped from Tokyo.

・ We will ship within 1-2 weeks (business days) after your order. However, it may take more days for pre-order items.

・ We can deliver both domestically and overseas.
Contact information such as shipping

Precautions for delivery

1. Delivery may be delayed if orders for popular items are concentrated or if the item is temporarily out of stock.
2. You can freely specify your desired delivery address, such as your home or office.
* You can specify the billing address for gifts, etc. In that case, please specify the address that matches the card or payment method.
* Only one delivery address can be specified for each order, so if you wish to have multiple delivery addresses, please order separately.
3. In principle, general products will be delivered to the designated destination entrance (please note that in some areas it may not be possible to deliver to the entrance).
4. Some products may be posted to the post.
5. If the address is unknown or you will be away for a long time when the product is delivered, the product will be returned to Tokyo once, depending on the storage time of the delivery company. Therefore, it may take some time before delivery. Please confirm your address or specify the delivery date in the remarks column in advance.