about the order

●Is it possible to check if the order has been placed?

Within 24 hours of completing your order, we will send you a confirmation email to the email address you entered.

If you do not receive this email, it is possible that your mail server is defective or your order has not been completed. In that case, please contact us from the inquiry.

If you made a payment with Amazon Pay, you will receive a confirmation email from Amazon in addition to the confirmation from the Orange Page. If you received only the email from Amazon and not the email from Orange Page, please contact us in the same way.

●After placing an order, I want to change the order details or cancel the order.

In principle, we cannot accept changes or cancellations to your order unless there is a problem here. However, if you want to receive the items ordered separately, you will have to cancel the first order and then place the order again.


●What happens to the shipping cost if I order two or more?

The price is 700 yen nationwide regardless of the number of items ordered per order. In addition, in the case of cash on delivery payment (cash on delivery) and postpay (convenience payment), a separate fee of 300 yen will be charged. In addition, for some products, the shipping fee may exceed the above amount. Please check the product introduction page for details.


●Is it possible to have the products ordered separately delivered together?

Due to our ordering system, you will have to cancel your first order and then place your order again. Order cancellations will be accepted until 10:30 on the business day following the order date (Monday-Friday, excluding holidays). Please contact us as soon as possible by inquiries.


●Does it cost orders with different destinations shipping?

Even if the orderers are together, if there are multiple destinations, the shipping fee will be charged for each. Please complete the order procedure for each delivery address.


●I want to send it as a gift

On the "Specify delivery address" screen, enter the orderer's information, check the "Specify delivery address" box, and then enter the delivery address information. Also, if you check "Do not put the amount in the delivery note", the amount will not be displayed on the delivery note enclosed with the delivered product.


●Can you wrap it for gifts?

We do not accept gift wrapping of products. At CHRAM, we strive to deliver high-quality products with consideration for sustainability, and in consideration of environmental issues, we strive for simple packaging.


●Can I get a receipt?

The receipt for CHRAM is as follows.

  We do not issue individual receipts or enclose them with products. note that.


【Credit card payment / PayPal】
 The invoice issued by the credit company will be the receipt.




●I haven't received the order confirmation email

If the email address you entered is incorrect or if you are using free email, it may have been sorted to the junk email folder or your order may not have been completed. Please contact us for details.


About delivery

●How long will the item arrive??

Normally, the product will be delivered to the specified address within 12 weeks after application.

Pre-order sales Number of products sold It may take longer depending on the product such as additional products. For details, please check the product introduction page.


●I haven't received the ordered item within a week

Products are usually delivered in about one week, but if there are products that take time to deliver due to additional production etc., they will be shipped after the products arrive.


●Delivery date and time can be specified?

We accept requests for delivery date and time within 2 weeks from the 5th business day from the date of order in the morning / 14:00 16:00 / 16:00 18:00 / 18:00 20:00 / 19:00 21:00. If you are in a hurry, please select no delivery date and time zone for delivery in the shortest time.


●For individual customers who want to send products to their place of employment

「Please be sure to enter the name of the office in the delivery address. It may not be possible to deliver without the office name.


●Can be delivered overseas?

It is possible to ship overseas, but the overseas shipping fee will be added separately.

Please note。


About payment

●You can choose the payment method?

Please choose from the following 4 types
1 How to pay directly to the Yamato Transport staff who will deliver the cash on delivery
2 How to settle on the spot by asking for your credit card number and expiration date when ordering a credit card
3 How to pay at a convenience store, etc. with an invoice sent separately from the postpaid product
4 Amazon Pay Customer's Amazon registration information How to shop using a credit card or delivery address


●Credit card payment security?

CHRAM takes necessary measures to protect your personal information. Please use with confidence. Please contact us for details.


●The withdrawal details arrived from the card company before the product arrived

Even if you make a reservation for a product that takes several months to deliver, the payment will be processed at the time of ordering as with a normal order. Depending on the timing, the card may be withdrawn before the product arrives. Refunds due to cancellation due to the order will be refunded through the card company. For details, we will inform you by e-mail from the management when you contact us for cancellation.


●I received an invoice for a postpaid convenience store payment before the item arrivedいた

If you choose postpaid convenience store payment, CHRAM will send you an invoice separately from the product postpaid service operating company. Depending on the product delivery and postal conditions, the invoice may arrive before the product. Please note that.


About exchange returns

●Return of goods?

Please contact us by phone or inquiries. Please contact us within one week after the item arrives.


●If the size does not match or the image such as color is different, you can exchange or return it?

Please note that we cannot accept changes or cancellations of order details unless there is a problem here.


●I received a defective product or a product different from the one I ordered.た

Please contact us by phone or inquiries first.。Please contact us within one week after the item arrives.


About security

●About security mode SSLいて

All parts where you enter personal information are SSL compatible.。


●The OS browser environment recommended by CHRAM is?

Windows (Windows 7 or later) Internet Explorer 10 or later FireFox latest Google Chrome latest Mac (OS X or later) Safari latest iOS (7 or later) Safari latest Android (4.1 or later) Standard browser latest



●I want to ask a question that is not here

Please contact us by phone inquiryい。
Phone number 03-4400-58Monday-Friday 10: 00-17: 00, excluding holidays and year-end and New Year holidays
※Call charges will be charged separately. Please check the number before calling.